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A conversion adapter that charges Magsafe's MacBook Air and Pro with USB-C PowerBank is very convenient



I want to charge the MacBookAir and MacBookPro in PowerBank

I am using a 2015 model PC. So, the power connector is Magsafe2. Previously, I used a cable to convert USB-C to Magsafe2.
It's this cable.

However, it is difficult to purchase. Sales have been discontinued.
So I decided to look for another cable.

How to find products by search

Here are some ways to find products that are difficult to find by searching.

Access to ”Aliexpress”.


With luck, you can find the cable on the top page.

The cable is like a small PowreBank with a connector.

USB-C Magsafe2

When you click on this image that came out in the search will take you to the product page.

When not displayed on the top page

If this product is not on the top, please  search for "USB C Magsafe" in the upper right corner of the search window .

You can find well this way.


I bought

In the shop, it sells things that Magafe1 (45W) and Magsefe2 (60W). I ordered towards the Magsafe2 since T-type.

Arrives in 10 days

I ordered on December 25. And it arrived on January 4th. Arrived from Aliexpress site earlier than usual.

AliExpress is a simple package, so the box was crushed.

But there is no problem with the product.

This adapter is a connector for inserting USB-C.A separate.

USB-C cable is required to connect to PowerBank.

It is USB-C cable corresponding to the PD, such as described above.


Charge immediately

MacBook Air 2015

Connect the USB-C of the cable to the adapter, and connect to the PowerBank. Connect the adapter side of the Magsafe connector to the PC. Then the lamp is now orange. Up to this point is a good feeling. Now let's check that is charged.

The information of the charger has been recognized as a charger of 60W.

The charging current is about 4A. 4.2A × 7.8V = 32W. It seems to be charging at about 30W.

When I continued charging, it went from 50% to 100% in about an hour.

MacBook Pro 2015

Also I try in the MacBook Pro 2015 13 inch.

It was recognized as a 60w charger.

Charged at about 3A.

12V × 3.3A = 39W.Charged at about 40W.


It's pretty good

MacBook Pro & Air could be charged from Power Bank using a cable that converts from a USB-C connector to Magsafe 2.

I recommend if you charge your MacBook from Power Bank. This adapter can be purchased at the * This store.