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Display digital microscope images on MacBook for greater efficiency!



These days, electronic components are so small that it's hard to tell if they are being mounted well by the naked eye.  Until now, I used to check with a magnifying lense, but it was inconvenient because it was difficult to focus and only a part of the focus was in focus.


I want a digital microscope

A digital microscope is a microscope that can take a picture with a camera and display it on a monitor at super magnification.  I've been wondering about it for some time now, as some things are sold pretty cheaply on Amazon.  However, the cheap ones have low resolution, so I wondered if they couldn't look beautiful, so I couldn't make the purchase.

Find a digital microscope that looks good Product - HDMI USB 37MP 1080P TF Video Recorder Microscope Camera + MINI Stand + Zoom 130x C Mount Lens For Lab PCB IC BGA Repair

I was looking around on Aliexpress and came across a nice looking digital microscope from a company called Eakins.

Here are the main specifications

  • 37M pixels with 1/2.3-inch Panasonic CMOS image sensor
  • HDMI output 1920x1080 pixels 60FPS
  • USB output UVC 1920x1080 pixels
  • Save to SD 8168x4592 pixels for still images and 1920x1080 pixels for video 60FPS

Cheap digital microscopes have a low resolution image sensor, but this one has a very high resolution of 37M pixels (37 million pixels 8168x4592), and I don't know if this is true, but it uses a Panasonic image sensor.

The digital microscope outputs the image to the monitor.  Most digital microscopes of this kind use HDMI connection, but this digital microscope can also be output via USB. Moreover, since it is a standard UVC, it seems to be able to capture and display on a notebook computer without the need for special software.  This is the biggest reason why I chose this digital microscope.  If it's UVC, you can capture it on a Mac.  I can use my MacBook as a monitor.

The displayed image can be saved to an SD card. Snapshots can be saved in JPEG format.  You can also save Full HD videos in MP4 format.

The specs look good.  Also, Eakins, a manufacturer of microscopes and cameras for examination, seems to be a good company to trust.


I bought it

Bought on sale

I bought it because it was a bargain at the Black Friday sale.  It doesn't look cheap.  However, there is quite some play in the gears at various places.  When I adjust the height, the gears feel snagged and move with a wobble.

Large image sensor

Let's take a look at the image sensor.

It is indeed an image sensor of about 1/2.3 inches in size.

Why USB is Type A

From the left, there are power input, USB output, and HDMI output connectors.  The USB is A type instead of B type for thinness.  For this reason, it comes with a cable called A-A.

USB power supply for lighting

There is a micro-USB connector on the pedestal for powering the lights.  Connect the attached USB adapter.  The brightness of the lighting can be adjusted by the volume.

Switch is simple

There are six, but it seems to be easy to operate thanks to the icon.

Micro SD slot

There is a slot for a micro SD card on the side of the body. It seems to support up to 64GB.  It came with an 8GB card.


Try to display on MacBookAir

Connect with a USB A-A cable

The dreaded cable called USB A-A connects my digital microscope to my MacBookAir.

I tried using a free software called QuickCamera for my Mac.

The first target I look with a digital microscope is the 25MHz sample high-speed AD converter board I made earlier.

Software settings

In a software called QuickCamema, set [Camera]->[Select Source]->[YW5607].

It's beautiful!

Ohhhhhhhhhh! It was shown. It is very beautiful. I zoomed out quite a bit to take this picture.

The IC is a 0.4 mm pitch QFN package.  The larger chip component is 0603 (1608M) and the smaller one is 0402 (1005M).

Let's zoom in to the maximum.

On the left and right is 0603 (1608M) and in the middle is 0402 (1005M).

It is a QFN package with a pitch of 0.4mm.  You can see the small solder balls.  It is enough to be able to expand to this point.


This is a good one I bought!

With my laptop monitor, I can see areas that I would never be able to see with a loupe, in a comfortable position.  I'm glad that the picture quality is also good.  This is useful.  I'm going to check it out with this digital microscope after I've mounted the substrate.

Note that the USB connection does not allow you to operate the menu or take snapshots to the SD card. When connected to HDMI, all functions can be used.  The first settings you need after purchasing this microscope are the settings for left / right inversion, upside down, and white balance, but these settings must be connected to the monitor via HDMI. Product - HDMI USB 37MP 1080P TF Video Recorder Microscope Camera + MINI Stand + Zoom 130x C Mount Lens For Lab PCB IC BGA Repair