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How many days does Customized MacBookPro take to arrive?



If you purchase the non-customized MacBookPro from the Apple Store, it will arrive the next day at the earliest.  Customized MacBookPros are ordered and then assembled, so it take some time to arrive.

How many days does it take to get it?  I actually ordered it.


Customize at Apple Store

The model to order is the 2019 MacBookPro 16.  There are two basic models of the 16-inch model, and I will customize this basic model.

The customized macBookPro can also be purchased at the Japanese mail order site "Yodobashi", but it seems to take six weeks to arrive.  In my case, I couldn't wait to get one and decided to order one from the Apple store.

Basic Model Specifications

In my case, I often use the virtual desktop software "Parallels Desktop" to run windows on my mac and use windows software.

Since I need to allocate CPU cores to Windows in the virtual environment, I decided to customize it based on an Intel Core i9 model with many cores.

The specs of the base model of the Core i9 are as follows.

9th generation 2.3GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 processor
Up to 4.8GHz when using Turbo Boost
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M (4GB GDDR6 memory installed)
16GB 2,666MHz DDR4 memory
1TB SSD storage ¹
16-inch Retina display with True Tone

Increase memory

For my normal use of mac apps, I think 16MB of memory is sufficient.  However, if you want to use windows in a Parallels Desktop virtual environment, you will need to allocate memory to windows.  Parallels Desktop allows you to allocate up to 8 GB to your virtual environment.  I increased the amount of memory installed from 16MB to 32MB so that Mac can use 24GB and Windows can use 8GB.

Parallels Desktop Pro allows you to allocate more than 8GB of memory to Windows.  In the case of Pro, it is a yearly subscription, so I will decide to purchase it when it is necessary.

Increase the GPU's memory

The GPU has 4GB of memory by default.  I don't play games, so I feel like 4GB is fine, but I can double it to 8GB for +10,000 yen, so I increased it to 8GB.  When editing long videos, it seems that the more memory you have, the faster you can write out.



I customized and ordered the memory and GPU memory from the basic model.

The order date is March 15th. You can find out your current status with the Apple Store app on your iphone.

Expected arrival is from March 27th to April 3rd (12th to 19th from the order day).

Now, how many days will it take to arrive? By the way, the delivery address is Tokyo.

Day 1 (March 16)

No change.

Day 2 (March 17)

No change.

There will be "no change" for a while.

Day 7 (March 22)

Finally, there was a move. It is now ready for delivery. It looks like the assembly is done.

Day 8 (March 23)

Shipping is complete! Then I will receive an email.

The estimated delivery date is March 28. I can track my parcels in the "Delivery Status" section.

Day 9 (March 24)

The package is delivered by "Kuroneko Yamato". And it's shipped from Shanghai.

Day 12 (March 27)

It looks like a package has come into my country. After that, the package only travels in this country and reaches my house.

Day 13 (March 28), morning

The package has left the local distribution center and is now in the process of being delivered!

Day 13 (March 28), about 9:30 a.m.

At last it has arrived!

When I open the box...

It's a MacBookPro!

The specifications are 32GB memory and 8GB GPU memory. It's exactly what I ordered.


It arrived safely

It took 13 days from order to arrival.  I was surprised to ship from Shanghai.  The customized MacBookPro arrives in about two weeks.