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How to clone kazzo for Nintendo Famicom (2019 and later models)



This is a device for using "Nintendo Famicom "cassette data on a personal computer. I will explain how to make a Kazzo clone kit (2019 model).
You can purchase this kit here.
Please see here for how to make models before 2019.

In the 2019 model, to make it easier to make, we use surface mount components as much as possible and mount components in advance. It can be completed simply by soldering the remaining DIP parts, the switch and the connector.
Let's make it.

Attach as follows. | (ON) is upward. | Is on, ○ is off. By the way, | represents binary 1 and ○ represents binary 0. | Is on and ○ is off because 1 = ON and 0 = OFF.
Cut the soldered legs with nippers from the base so that they are as short as possible. If not cut, the power supply may be short-circuited.
There is no polarity. After soldering, cut the legs short with nippers, just like switches.
3.Rubber feet
Attach rubber feet to the four corners. This is completed.


Operation test
Connect USB to PC and switch on. It is OK if any of the LED glow.
At the time of manufacture, we have checked that the LED is lit as an operation check and that it can be recognized normally by a personal computer. So if the LED did not glow in this test, you can predict the following reasons:
  • Bad solder of switch: Please re-solder solder part of switch
  • Connector short-circuit: Check if the pins of the connector are short-circuited with solder
  • Bad USB port: Change to another port on your PC
Driver setup
Please set up referring to here.
Depending on the personal computer, it could not be recognized correctly. In that case, try another computer.
You can purchase this kit here.
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