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How to modify a Normal Mouse into a Silent Mouse




2020.4.10 ADD How to modify the Apple Magic Mouse

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Hi there.  When you click on a computer mouse, it makes a ticking sound, doesn't it?  These days, there is a quiet mouse that doesn't make that ticking sound.

I tried it at the store and it really doesn't make the ticking sound of the mouse.  There is a recessed sensation when clicking, but no sound.  I was a little worried about the clicking sound when I was out and about, so I'm going to modify my mouse to a quiet one.

My mouse is a Logitech M235.  Even if you don't use this mouse, most mice have the same switches, so I think you can modify them.
What you need to prepare is this switch.
It looks like a quiet switch from a manufacturer famous for quiet keyboards and mice.  I will have two of these.
Let's disassemble the mouse.  The M235 disassembles it like this.
First of all, there is a screw at the bottom left of the plus mark where the battery enters, so break the seal and loosen the screw.
Mouse butt? Put a flat-bladed screwdriver into the area of the.
Pull from the head in the direction of the buttocks and the back cover will come off.  It feels like you're pulling out, and requires a little power.
The substrate is attached to the back cover, so the board can be removed by removing the claws on the cover indicated by the circle in the photo.
Oh yeah, and check to see if it's a replaceable switch.  The original switch model number was D2F-01F or D2FC-F-7N.
If it looks like the one above, it can be replaced with a silent switch.  Remove this part with a soldering iron.
The switch has come off.  This time, the middle button also had a bad contact, so I replaced it as an afterthought.  The model number of the middle button is B3F-1000.  This is a normal tact switch, not a silent one.

It's also available at "Marutu Parts".

Once the switch is removed, solder the silent switch.
There are three original holes, but the switch is attached the hole with the convex that pushes the switch. In M235, this is the one with the horizontal silk.
Soldering completed.  Assemble the mouse in the reverse order of disassembly.
Connect it to the computer and check the operation.  It has been restored safely.  The clicking sound has gone from a "click" to a "knack" sound and is much quieter.  The mouse I'm used to has become a silent mouse.