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I repaired my cracked iPhone's LCD by myself, using a recycled panel LCD with beautiful colors.




My iPhone's LCD is broken

I was using my iPhone 5S as a sub, but when I put it in my bag, the LCD was cracked before I knew it.

I just fixed it myself last year... I'm a bit disappointed.

It doesn't interfere with the operation, but the broken glass is likely to injure me. I decided to replace the LCD front panel myself because it is dangerous to use it as it is.

I want to replace it with an LCD with better color

The replacement LCD front panel that is commonly sold is a copy of the regular one. Some things are lighter in color, black streaks quickly, and some are defective. This was the case with a panel I had replaced by a vendor in Akihabara in the past. For this reason, I want a genuine Apple LCD panel, but replacing it at the Apple store is costly.

This is where we recommend an LCD front panel called a "regenerative panel". The LCD front panel consists of a liquid crystal and glass. The repair panels sold to the public, both LCD and glass, are not genuine, but copies. Therefore, depending on the quality of the liquid crystal, the colors will be different. In contrast, the "regenerated panel" has the real LCD (genuine Apple) and only the glass is a copy. From the stock cracked LCD front panel, only the LCD is removed and attached to a compatible glass and assembled as an LCD front panel.

For this reason, the "regenerated panel" has the same quality of LCD color as the stock one, but can be purchased at a lower cost.

You can read more about how different a "regenerative panel" is from a regular compatible panel in this blog.

Look for the playback panel

【SmaQ】再生パネル iPhone専用 修理パーツ 交換用液晶フロントパネル デジタイザ (iPhone5S/SE 黒)

After a lot of research, I bought the LCD front panel of the SmaQ brand(?) playback panel at "Tokyo Mobile Station". It is a recycled LCD panel and comes with a set of necessary tools.

Moreover, not only the LCD panel, but also the in-camera, proximity sensor, speakers and other components that are difficult to port are pre-installed. Because of this, the LCD front panel can be replaced by just porting the home button, which is very easy to work with.

You can purchase the iPhone 5S as well as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6P, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6SP and iPhone 7 playback panels.

Purchase recycled panels

Here's the package I received.

It includes the LCD front panel, a set of tools and replacement instructions.

However, the included instructions are a bit confusing. I thought it was better to go online or watch Youtube.


Start replacing the LCD

Open the LCD

First, remove the star-shaped screw next to the Lightning connector. The driver that came with this one has a very well-built tip, and I was able to turn and remove the screws in a stable manner. The driver that came with the LCD replacement kit I purchased in the past was completely useless, so I think the tool that comes with the SmaQ is a very good one.

Disconnect the home button wiring connector and raise the LCD panel.

The LCD front panel came off.

Porting the home button

Since the in-camera and speakers attached to the top of the LCD have been installed from the beginning, only the home button has been ported. It is very easy to remove and install with only 3 screws.

Mounting the LCD

Fit the LCD and connect the home button connector.

Power up!

I turned it on and the screen came up! I was able to replace the cracked LCD by myself.


Past a protective film of glass

I didn't always put a protective film on it because it made my fingers less slippery and the protective film gradually rubbed and made it harder to see the LCD. However, I had no choice but to attach a protective film to prevent the LCD panel from cracking.

However, I was a bit obsessed with the feel of the film and bought a glass protective film so that it would not change the tactile sensation of the film when it was applied.

Paste it in

Unlike most films, the protective film is a little thicker and the home button feels deeper, but the feel of the finger was much the same as the iPhone. It's pretty good.


Recycled panels are the best way to repair iPhone LCDs

Since this is a beautiful iPhone with beautiful colors, I really recommend an LCD front panel using a reproduction panel with the genuine LCD that doesn't change the color of the LCD.

It's cheap and you can repair broken LCDs.

【SmaQ】再生パネル iPhone専用 修理パーツ 交換用液晶フロントパネル デジタイザ (iPhone5S/SE 黒)