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Making an Alexa compatible dimmable ceiling light using ESP32 and Daiso’s LED fluorescent light-installation



Previously, we have completed the circuitry and software.

This time, I would like to modify and install the ceiling light.


Modification of ceiling lights


This is a fluorescent-type ceiling light that will be modified this time.

You can see the fluorescent light when you remove the cover. Remove the fluorescent lights and the cover underneath them.

The PCB is now visible. Remove this PCB and also the plastic plate underneath it.

It was very refreshing.

Split the LED board into three parts

Divide the LED board into three parts, just as we did before when I modified a ceiling light to LED fluorescent light from Daiso.

I will attach this to the base of the ceiling light.

Circuit mounting

Position the LED so that it has a hexagonal shape, and bond it to the base with silicon for heat dissipation.

The back side of the ESP32 control board was insulated with polyimide tape and fixed to the base with a hot bond.

ELEGOO 高温テープ 4パック ポリイミド高温テープ マルチサイジングバリュー 接着剤

Create a cable to connect to the connector at the base of the ceiling light.

WAGO's one-touch connectors are a great way to connect wires together! The model has been redesigned and is easier to open and close than the one I'm using.

Connect a USB adapter sold at a 100 yen shop and power the PCB with a USB cable.

Cables will be secured with ties. The thinnest 2.5mm tying band was easy to use.

It fit in nicely.

Lighting test

I'm going to test the lights with a 1A breaker in between. It was successfully lit.



It will be installed in the ceiling of my daughters' bedroom. Installation is the same as for a normal ceiling light, just fit it in.

Just cover it and it's ready to be installed.

Now, let's ask Alexa, the Amazon Echo, to turn on the lights.

How is it? We was able to turn the lights on and off with "Alexa, turn on the lights" and "Alexa, turn off the lights". In this video, the brightness is changed by voice commands, but it's a shame that the video's exposure changes automatically and you can't really see the brightness change. In fact, the brightness has changed properly.

The lights in the room can now be turned off by voice. This should eliminate the fights that break out at my daughters' bedtime over who is going to turn off the switch.