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Modification method to silent click Apple Magic Mouse



Here is how to modify the click sound of Apple Magic Mouse to be silent.

If you modify it, you will get a click sound like this.


What you need

?Magic Mouse

The one I'm modifying this time is a battery-powered first generation.

?Kailh Mute Microswitch, 1 piece

You can buy it on Amazon.

Chopsticks like the tip of a flat-bladed screwdriver

It's in ??.

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?Phillips-head screwdriver

This precision screwdriver has a magnet, so it's very convenient to stick the screw.



?Soldering iron

Since this soldering iron automatically controls the temperature, it can work very smoothly when soldering large parts, soldering parts that tend to escape heat, or removing the solder at the desoldering braid.

I recommend this soldering iron.

?De-soldering braid

1.5mm is a good width.


This time, we recommend using leaded solder rather than lead-free.



Pry it open

Place the Apple symbol on the left side .It has 4 claws.

Pry it open (1), (2), (3), and (4) in this order.

Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver made of disposable chopsticks between the acrylic top and the aluminum bottom, and pry it open slowly. Even if the claws come off, the top and bottom should not be opened wide. On the Apple Mark side, the top and bottom are connected to each other by a very thin film cable. Please be very careful afterwards not to damage this thin film cable.

When the four claws come off, it looks like this.

Remove the screws

While holding the apple-marked side immobile, try opening it gently, just like opening a clam. You can see one switch. Eventually, this switch will be replaced with a silent switch.

Remove the 3 screws. Be careful when assembling, as the screws are of different lengths. The front of the photo is short and the two at the back are long screws.

The short screw has a piece of metal to conduct the aluminum, so save it so you don't lose it.

Remove welded plastic

A cutter is used to scrape off the welded part of the plastic that holds the metal to the battery box. Scrape slowly and carefully so as not to damage other parts of the body.

Extracting the switch board

Lift the board up slightly. Then the board with the switch will come off.Pluck it with tweezers and remove it.

This is the purpose of the switch board.

Remove the switch on the board and replace it with a silent switch.


Replacement of the switch


Use the de-soldering braid to remove the solder from the switch. Be careful not to let the soldering iron tip touch a nearby gold-colored area.

If it is difficult to absorb, use leaded solder to make it easier to absorb by melting the solder. The melting temperature of leaded solder is lower than that of lead-free solder.

The switch has come off.

Soldering the switch

The switch that was attached is a three-legged switch, but the silent switch is a two-legged switch. For the silent switch, insert the switch's leg into the square hole and the hole in the middle round pad.

Before you solder the switch, cut the leads short.Cut the lead with nippers to a length that does not protrude from the board.

Once soldered, the switchboard modification is complete. After that, go back in the reverse order.



Return switch board

Replace the switch board and tighten the three screws.

From the left of the photo are short screw, long screw and long screw. The short screw has a piece of metal to conduct to the aluminum. Please do not forget to attach.

Close the lid

Press the top and bottom to join them together. The modification is now complete.


Check for operation

Turn on the battery and switch it on.

Go to "System Preferences" → and "Bluetooth" on your Mac.

How is it? Did you find a mouse?

Connect, click and see if the gestures work properly.

I think the clicking sound has changed and now sounds like a mumbling little sound.


Completion of Silent Magic Mouse

Thank you for your hard work.The appearance does not change, but the remodeling of Silent Magic Mouse is complete.