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Nintendo Famicom converted to video output


Long ago I bought a junk Nintendo Famicom at a thrift shop and disassembled it

I wanted to play with the Nintendo Famicom, so I modified it and added a video output. Since the Nintendo Famicom only has RF output, it can only be played on analog TV. Since there is no TV at home, we decided to modify the Nintendo Famicom so that it could output video and display it on a PC using a video capture cable.

The video capture cable was the IO data with the most word-of-mouth in AMAZON.

When the Nintendo Famicom is disassembled, it contains two parts: the CPU board into which the cassette is inserted and the RF conversion board that converts the signal into an antenna signal.

The part of the cable connecting the two boards has a video output and an audio output.

From left, GND, 5V input, 5V input, 5V input, audio output, GND, video output.

For the time being, we can connect jumper wires and experiment with breadboard.

First, the video output was connected directly to the video capture via a 1000uF capacitor. It was displayed on the screen, but it was dark. It seems that the current is not enough. So I made an amplifier circuit with transistors.


The transistor is 2SC1815. Without R3, the waveform was wrong, so I set it to 2.2kΩ. If R1 is 100Ω, the sync signal is likely to collapse and disappear, so 68Ω was chosen. Since I didn't have 75Ω, R2 was set to 68Ω.


The output of this circuit has a waveform like this.

Yellow is the output of the video amplifier with the capture cable connected, and blue is the audio output waveform.

Sound has a 2.5V offset.


When displayed using the capture software of the personal computer ...

It was displayed on the screen! ! !

The audio signal was directly connected to the capture cable, but the sound was not too loud and did not crack, and the volume was just right.

Therefore, it can be displayed and played back on a PC using only a transistor video amplifier circuit and a capture cable. !

I went out of the castle in "Dragon Quest 2", but the slime was too strong and died immediately.


I bought junk "Dragon Quest 2", "Golf" and "Super Mario 3" at a recycle shop for today's experiment. "Dragon Quest" was 108 yen, "Golf" was 51 yen, and "Super Mario 3" was 432 yen.

Super Mario 3

I heard the music I used to listen to in the past! ! !

I am very happy.



2019.12.23 added
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Speaking of which, there was also a Nintendo Famicom mini. Is this HDMI or something?
ニンテンドークラシックミニ ファミリーコンピュータ

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