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The ragged desk → Apple store desk⁉ by DIY




The beautiful work desk

The work/computer desk I've been using was a re-purposed, painted tabletop that had been used as a table in the past. I've been working on it for a while now and I've been painting and reusing it again when the top board gets dirty from work or soldering, but the surface is uneven and there are some stains that can't be removed, so I wanted a clean, bright work desk.

The Solid wood top

I want a table with a solid wood top like this, but it's quite expensive to buy. I also looked at IKEA and NITORI, but it's quite expensive.


If it's expensive, let's make it

Home improvement center

I went to Cainz Home, a big home center that sells materials. Then, the radial pine laminated wood, a size that seems good for the top plate, was sold at a low price. Radial pine laminated wood is wood called pine or solid wood.

Laminated lumber was sold at Rakuten even if I didn't go to a home improvement store. Wood cutting was free here.

Get the staff to cut

I do not have the confidence to cut straight, so I ask the staff of the shop to cut it. It was 50 yen per cut. Have the board cut from 1820x910mm to 1700x600mm. Having it cut will make the desk the perfect size for the room.


Shape it with a saw. In order to mount a table lamp called Z-LIGHT made by "Yamada Shomei," the left and right sides are cut off. It's like this ↓. The lamp base is like a clamp.

It hurts to touch the corners, so I chamfer the board. I can scrape it with a sandpaper, but it's quick and easy to scrape it off by attaching a spinning file called a magic pad to an electric drill. You can find "Magic Pad with Paper" at home improvement centers.

The corners have been smoothed out.


Apply a clear varnish. Even the solid wood top board has its own flavor, but I decided to varnish it so that it can be wiped off even if it spills coffee or something.

I bought a 30ml (for one tatami mat) varnish and was able to apply two coats on the front, but only one coat on the back. It seems that it is better to buy varnish of a size that has enough room to spare.

Move the legs

Move the legs from the old table. Remove the metal fittings with an impact driver.

Drill a screw hole on the back of the new top plate. In order to prevent the hole from penetrating to the surface, I marked the hole from the tip of the drill blade to the required depth of the hole (18mm in my case) and drilled it until it touched the board.

Screw the metal fittings.

Metal fittings are attached to the four corners.

Completed transfer of legs.

Turn it over , it's complete.


The bright desk is perfect size

Oh my goodness!! The work desk that used to be so ragged has been transformed into a wonderful desk that looks like an Apple store. The soldering mat I bought at Shigezone is also perfect.

I've created a wonderful work desk that can be used for both computer work and soldering. I'm going to be comfortable from now on.