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Nixie tube IN-12B and NIS-1 give off a retro glow by making a 180V boost circuit.



I previously opened a dot-shaped Nixie tube INS-1 and a number-displays Nixie tube IN-12B, that arrived from Ukraine.

This time, I would like to prepare a high-voltage power supply and turn it on.


Preparing a Boost Circuit

A power supply of 170V or more and several mA is required to light the Nixie tubes.

Modify 9V Boosting DCDC

This time, I would like to modify the boost type DCDC converter that I am using in our solar cell experiment set.

This DCDC converter is designed to output 9V from 2 batteries.  I changed the parts of the output part of this DCDC converter circuit to high voltage parts and modified it to generate 180V by replacing the coil with a transformer.  Since it is a high voltage, if this experiment fails, it will be broken immediately, so I will be excited when the power is turned on.

When the voltage of the power supply was slowly raised, the output voltage suddenly increased and the output stabilized at about 180V.  The DCDC converter seems to be working properly.

Turning on the Nixie tube IN-12B

A Nixie tube was connected across a 22 kΩ resistor.

Wooooow! It shined! It is the first lighting!

It's nice. This orange color and this soft glow. It's a warm light that's not as shiny as an LED.

Some of the precision structures give off a soft neon glow.

Calculating parameters

Now, let's calculate each parameter for future designs.

The voltage on the power supply side is 177V. The voltage was 133V after a 22kΩ resistor. The current flowing through the Nixie tubes was I = ( 177V - 133V ) / 22k = 2mA.  It's nice.

The power consumption of the resistor is W = ( 177V - 133V )^2 / 22k = 0.088W.  So it seems that a 0603 size (JIS 1608 size) chip resistor of 1/10W would be fine. Another larger 1/8th of a watt would be more reliable.

Connect the two

I tried two nixie tubes. The DCDC voltage has dropped slightly to 167V, but it's glowing.

4 is good, too.

Turning on the Nixie tube IN-1B

I'll try to make the dot type glow too. Connect the power supply to INS-1 across the 200kΩ.

Wow! This Nixie tube has a nice glow to it, too.

The light leaks out only from the front, and we can clearly see the light from the front.  An ordinary neon tubes glow on the sides, so they glow differently.


Nixie tubes are good

This was the first time I was able to make the Nixie tube glow.  The soft orange light is so beautiful that I can't help but stare at it.

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